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BSkyB Ltd

Description This project took place over two sites. Site 1 was the refit and upgrade of an existing 5000m² office to accommodate 1000 staff. Site 2 was the refit and upgrade of an existing 3500m² office to accommodate 600 staff.

AMS Ltd undertook a full redesign of the building’s M&E infrastructure required to suit new space plans. This included small power, lighting, security, fire alarms, domestic water, drainage, air-conditioning and refrigeration. Crucial design areas were the specification and installation of a new resilient power generator and UPS back up systems, fit out of new computer rooms, new kitchen and cafeterias and enhancing the air-conditioning systems to accommodate the additional numbers.

Location Scotland and North of England

Services Provided Mechanical and Electrical Design

Programme 18 to 20 Weeks Each

Specification CIBSE and Tier III (Uptime Institute)

Project Value £750,000 – £1million Each (M&E Only)


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