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THC - QAH Portsmouth

Description This project was borne out of the Carillion collapse on the 15th Jan 2018. THC – QAH Portsmouth required an urgent solution to an immediate and very serious situation, and AMS Ltd were contacted to step in to resolve those issues presented on incomplete and outstanding projects.

AMS Ltd completed an approx. 135 projects within a 12-month period. These projects included the following activities within the restrictive and highly specialised environment of a functioning hospital:- Small and HV power installations, lighting design and installations, fire door and damper replacement, car parking barrier and payment systems, window upgrades and replacement, cladding replacement, air-conditioning and refrigeration installs, water and drainage systems upgraded and improved . Full design and RFP processes on office & ward design/ fit-out and various fire compliance activity.

In September 2018 the complete renewal/upgrade of the water systems to 68 on-site staffing apartments was carried out effectively over a 3-week period. Along with the successful delivery of a fire compliance report, the professionalism and ability of the AMS on-site delivery team has been acknowledged by the various client management teams.

Location Portsmouth, England, UK.

Services Provided Project and Construction Management Mechanical and Electrical Design Architectural Design

Programme Commencement Jan 2018 delivering a 4 -5 year programme that includes lifecycle, defects and fire improvements

Project Value Annual average = £3.5m

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